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Landlord and Tenant Dispute:

The relationship between a Landlord and the person who they are allowing to live in their house for a cost is delicate. On one hand the house still belongs to the original owner and on the other and the tenant has rights to their own lifestyle because they are paying to live in the house. The money given by the tenants is also for purposes of general upkeep on appliances, infrastructure and landscaping but Landlords do not always enjoy cooperating with these responsibilities. This is often because they believe the malfunction was the fault of the tenants. Disputes such as this along with lifestyle choices and the guests which the tenants allow into their home can cause for great arguments, some of which, without professional law advocates can result in immediate eviction.
When a dispute occurs between a Landlord and tenant, the first step is to legally dispute the matter through a solicitors. Whether an argument occurred because of personal injury, confusion between Landlord and tenant responsibilities or because of immigration eligibility, Khan McKenzie Solicitors can help you.When the refrigerator breaks in a rented house, it is the Landlord’s duty to replace the broken appliance. This is a very straight forward understanding as is the upkeep of most kitchen appliances. On the other hand, bathroom appliances are a more common controversy. Toilets can break because of what is flushed down them, sinks and showers can become clogged because of lifestyle habits such as shaving. Sometimes a Landlord will make an argument that the house they are renting out is very special to them, and they do not want the people living there to have guests. This is of course a silly notion, since having guests into a person’s house is a very normal activity, but every once in a while it can get out of hand. If a tenant is bringing too many people into the house, trashing the place, making too much noise, and the Landlord is not comfortable with their continual stay in the environment, they must give an eviction notice. During this time is the most common for tenants to need attestation to if they were rightly evicted and if their lawyer gave them a proper amount of time to find a new home. Advocates in the law will help defend rights, and an attorney at the law firm will help the situation professionally and at a low cost.Another service which Khan & Co. Solicitors offers is assistance with immigration so that foreign citizens can find a place to live while they are in England. We will help the client in visa application.

If you would like to discuss any matter related to Landlord and Tenant Dispute, please contact us through phone +44(121)794 2000 or alternatively make an online inquiry and we will respond at the earliest opportunity. We are very flexible in arranging appointments and offer highly friendly and personalized service with very competitive costs.

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