Motoring Offence

Motoring Offence

Our Solicitors can help you on Speeding Tickets, Drinking Driving, Driving whilst Disqualified, Driving Without Insurance, Mobile phone offences, Motoring or driving offences, and driving without insurance.

Motoring Offence

Khan McKenzie Solicitors can defend you in a whole range of different Road Traffic Offences including speeding cases, drink driving cases, driving without insurance, MOT and driving licence.

Some of the driving offences are given below:

Drink driving offences
Driving without Insurance
Dangerous driving
Causing death by dangerous driving
Driving with no tax
Careless driving
Speeding Ticket
Driving whilst unfit
Failing to provide a specimen
Driving without due care and attention
Traffic light offences
Driving whilst disqualified
Mobile phone offences
Failure to provide details
Failure to stop or report an accident
Driving with no MOT
Driving with no driving licence
Driving Under the influence of drugs

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