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Under current international legislation, asylum is a right that anyone can claim if they at risk of persecution in their own country. It is the right to live in a country other than their homeland in order to avoid that persecution


There are two kinds of family visa available to people from outside the European Union; the first of these is for family or friends of students currently studying in the UK.


If you are planning to visit or move to the UK and your passport was issued to you by a country which is a member of the European Union you do not need a visa or special permission to live and work in the UK.


Since 2008 companies wishing to employ workers from outside the EEA and Switzerland have had to apply for a license to do so. Holders of these licenses are known as sponsors.


If you are not a citizen of the European Union and it’s your plan to study in the UK, then you will almost certainly need to apply for a UK student visa.


If you intend to visit the UK for a short time, and do not wish to either take up residence or to work permanently in the country then there are a number of tourist and short stay visa options.

Indefinite Leave Applications.
Highly Skilled Migrant Program.
Spouse Visas.
Working holidaymaker scheme.
Worker registration.
Permanent Residency.
Application to the UKBA: Home Office.
An appeal to the: First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).
An appeal to the: Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).
Judicial Review in: High Court.
Appeal to: Court of Appeal Civil Division.

We can also assist organisations in obtaining Work Permits now called certificate of Sponsorship. We offer advice in an efficient and professional manner with a commercial approach and client’s best interest are always at the forefront of everything we do.

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